Life and Purpose

Life is not a joke but jokes are present in Life. Life is full of jokes but never take your life as a joke. Nobody was born by mistake but we still make mistakes by calling ourselves mistakes.
Sometimes, i am perplexed by people who call themselves failures. Yes, thou we are bound to fail sometimes but never regard yourself as a failure. You are not a failure until you’ve failed and lost everything. Be sure you can never lose everything because even if everything is lost, there is always HOPE.

There is always a hope for the hopeless only if they can give themselves a hope. HOPE is begging to he had, you are never a lost generation. You been in this world is for a purpose which most be fulfilled by you and only you. LIVE YOUR LIFE IN THE VERY BEST WAY IT COULD BE LIVED. NEVER GIVE UP!!!

This is just a tip of the Iceberg to what you will be getting from this Blog site.

I will like to welcome you to my Blog spot. It promises to be exciting, interesting, captivating, enlightening, informative, enjoyable, insightful, factual, truthful and lots more.

Be ready to roll into the World of Akinbulumo Oluwatosin Victor as he inspires through politics, entertainment, talent discovery, self discovery training, latest scientific discoveries, Issues bothering ‘Today’s Youth’ and other current Issues.


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