2weeks ago, precisely 20th of October 2012, the people of Ondo state were out on the queue to cast their votes for a governor that will govern them for the next four years.
Three candidates were on the front run, though there were 13 aspirants accredited by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).
While the incumbent governor of the state, Dr. Olusegun Abayomi Mimiko was warming up to continue in office for the second term, opposition parties were then ready and poised to wrest power from the ruling Labour Party (LP). The two other prominent candidate were Barr Odunayo Rotimi Akeredolu of ACN and Barr Olusola Oke of PDP.
The result of the election was announced on Sunday, 21st of October by INEC returning Officer Prof. A.G Daramola (Vice Chancellor, Federal University of Technology Akure) seeing Dr. Olusegun Abayomi Mimiko of LP declared winner with 260,199votes (election details will be made available in subsequent posts) and hereby return-elected as the Governor of the state.

I will like to take you back in time to a few months before the election with some of the Governor-elect inspiring speeches. Here are Seven top selected speeches of Dr. Olusegun Abayomi Mimiko before his re-election;

Our goal is not to recoup our capital investment, our goal is to create the type of environment that would; encourage commercial life, give the fillip to the down-trodden that they are part of government and government cases for them. It also goes to make them rose responsible citizens and ultimately, in the long run, that investment will be recouped by setting more responsible, more responsive, more engaged citizens.

For us in government and for me in particular, I believe that what we need is a free and fair election. Let the people determine who will occupy the seat. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that with the type of things we have put on ground in the last three years and the type of bonding we have with the people of the state, unseating the Labour Party, with all sense of humility, will be am uphill task.

We want to create a new template for ideological content of politics in Nigeria. It is a one in a lifetime opportunity and we are not ready to let it slip. Let me tell you, part of it is that the choice we make make would always be tied to the society. Government is about making the wise choices on behalf of the people; it is about creating programmes that would have overall effect and trajectory that would have impact on the whole community.

In a global economy driven by knowledge, we think the future is the investment we can make in our children. So for us, there is no amount of money that we spend on our children that is too much. We are securing the future of a generation, the future of the state and ultimately the future of our society.

We’ve seen the marginalized in the society, the down trodden, people who exist as statistics in government ministries; we must give them opportunities to be able to actualize themselves.

I believe that God created man in his own image. He couldn’t have created man in his image and also create room for the deprivation that poverty imposes on people. I will continue to use every opportunity I have to fight poverty so that people can live like human beings. I believe God created us to live good lives. I will continue to live in that direction all my life.

We believe that we can provide classical examples of social democratic products that can drive our economy and lift our people from the morass of poverty. It is a wonderful opportunity standing on Labour Platform, to re-create and re-engineer the health sector, the education sector and bring connection between government and the people with a caring heart.

He has successfully won the heart of the people of Ondo state with his speeches and numerous developmental projects which has seen him emerging as the first Elected governor of the state a second time in a seemingly stable political dispensation after Pa. Adekunle Ajasin whose second term endorsement by the people of the state was abruptly truncated by the military in 1983. He has truely distinguished himself as the IROKO of Ondo politics as he is fondly called by the people of the state.

Yes! He has seen and conquered, but it’s not yet over until it’s over. A battle is not yet won until you’ve successfully arrived home with you people and captives. A second term mandate is a mandate for more work as the sage goes that “the reward of hardwork is more work”. As his popular slogan goes ‘I WILL WORK FOR YOU’, I beseech the newly re-elected governor to work more for his people, impact more lives and give them the dividends of democracy.
There are still several sectors of the state that need more attention and impartation. As a Governor who as received recognition both home and abroad for Good governance in the state.



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