Have read through and listen to stories of academic failure of some students, I discover that one of the reasons why most of them fail is because they haven’t ‘put the Brain to Work’.

After the Heart, I take the Brain to be the next most important part of the body. Thou there isn’t any part that is less important.
The brain directs the affairs of the body even when one is asleep. The adult human brain weighs about 1.5kilograms, it’s the most complex thing known. Your brain can retain the whole information in the world with space left for more. Meaning that, the capacity of the brain can’t be measured.

Remember the great Scientist, Albert Einstein? He was a genius and one of the greatest physicist in history. But, the mystery about him is that the size of his brain: 1230grams, fall at the low of average for modern humans. Think about it, you have a bigger brain than that of Albert. Albert achieved the height he reached probably because he had put his brain to more work.

A motivational speaker once said: “The use of your brain determines the level of your gain”. An interesting thing about the brain is that it functions better with use. It has the power of association.

According to Professor Samuel Ibiyemi of the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, he observed that “The world’s best computer is just as fast as a cockroach’s brain”.

How much more will the human brain be?


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