“Distinguished Senators and Reps, make legislation to provide social health insurance for Nigerians” says HAPPYNigeria.

Health Advocacy, Promotion and Partnership by Youth in Nigeria (HAPPYNigeria) needs your help to actualize equity in Nigeria health care system.

The National assemblies is on the process of amending the Nation Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Act. The youth would get them to insert provisions that would guarantee Social Health Insurance coverage for the following:

– all health emergencies in all hospitals
– children below 5years
– physically challenged people
– elderly people above 65years
– families making below 70% of the national minimum wage per month
– the unemployed
– people that needs kidney transplant and other expensive treatment.

In other words, government will say for their health care. If a country like Rwanda(with all due respect) can do this, why can’t Nigeria? For every 30seconds you read this blog, at least a Nigerian child dies from a curable disease because the parents are poor.

Sign the petition today at
Your signature will make change happen. Please sign the petition and share it on your blogs, BBM, twitter, google+, facebook, and all other available social networks pages.
You can also follow the hash tag #Saveall on twitter for more info.

Let’s Save All.

Proudly Brought to You by the True-NIGerian – Akinbulumo Oluwatosin . V
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