It was the evil spirit, Not me who confessed to being a witch-Camila Mbrekpe on being delivered by TB Joshua


If you recall, sometime last month, Nollywood actress, Camila Mbrekpe was on a televised program by Pastor TB Joshua in which she was being delivered of evil spirits and demons. This gave birth to reports that she was a witch. Her associate clarified the perception on behalf of the actress.

“Camila never confessed to being a witch. There was an evil spirit that possessed her and it was that evil spirit which spoke through her. You all should go spiritual and see all the things that go on around you.She took herself to church. Witches dont take themselves to church for deliverance.The evil spirit said, not Camilla said, so please lets understand this before we start calling her a witch” What is your opinion?


8 thoughts on “It was the evil spirit, Not me who confessed to being a witch-Camila Mbrekpe on being delivered by TB Joshua

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